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Formerly known as Malibu Club, this enduringly popular tropical beach themed club first opened it’s doors in 1998 and has been a true Malia Beach Road institution ever since. At the beginning of 2014 however, it underwent a revolutionary transformation and re-opened as the uber-slick and contemporary Mode Club.

From the outside, it looks for all the world, like the kind of high-end nightclub you’d find in the trendier parts of London, with all its slick angles, smooth lines, tasteful neon logos and contemporary architectural frivolities it really does stand out amongst the rest of the clubs and bars on Malia Beach Road. From the minute you walk up to the club and go through it’s doors you know you’re in for a cool night. The polished, modern theme continues inside, gone are the out-dated palm trees and cheesy inflatables, replaced with chic brushed chrome walls, elegant flashes of colour, black marble, curved bars and futuristic LED light displays. It really fills the place with the kind of sophisticated up-scale night-club atmosphere you’ll struggle to find elsewhere on the island.

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So, it looks swanky and refined, but how’s the night itself? Well, Malia regulars will be relieved to hear that Mode Club has lost none of the debauchery and madness that Malibu was so known and loved for. Open from 11pm til 5am(ish) You’ll still find the best resident DJs on the island bouncing out a massive variety of tunes, expertly mixing Old School Classics, cheese, dub, mainstream and house together to get everybody in ear-shot up and grinding and you can still expect some of the cheapest, tastiest and craziest drinks and cocktail offers around, expertly concocted from only the finest premium brand spirits and liqueurs by the sexiest and friendliest staff you could hope for and of course the famous doors still open up wide, to let the party spill out onto the street and under the stars.

Despite the drastic change in décor, Mode Club has not only managed to maintain the spirit and irrepressible party-vibe of Malibu Club, it has vastly improved upon it. The new layout inside has increased not only the size of the bar area, but the dancing and seating areas too. So, the queues are almost non-existent and whilst the dance-floor is usually crammed with beat-hungry revellers, there is always plenty of room for everyone to throw up shapes like nobody is watching.

As with Malibu, the staff at Mode Club are the beating heart of the place, permanently enthusiastic, they are expertly trained and always on hand with quick-fire banter and drinking games to keep your night kicking off right, also they never forget a face, so you know if you go back in again the next night – and you’re pretty much guaranteed to – they will remember you and welcome you back like an old pal. It’s little touches like these that make Mode Club one of the truly great clubs on the Malia strip. Make sure it’s on your #Summer2015 Hit List, you won’t be disappointed.

The best way to get to #malia2015 is to book direct with Club 18-30 via their website @

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