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It can be so frustrating trying to plan holiday activities ahead of time. You don’t know the area, you don’t know if you’re getting the best value for money, if they’re really going to be right for you and your party. The internet is great for general research, but it really lacks that personal touch […] Read more

Clubbing in malia 2015

Clubbing in Malia 2015

Here is a quick guide to Clubbing in Malia 2015… Malia has become one of the top destinations for European partygoers and there are plenty of reasons for its reputation. Malia is famous for “the strip”, a long beach road where the majority of clubs, bars, and restaurants are located. With all the options, finding […] Read more

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Malia 2015 here we come…

So are you ready for Malia 2015 ? Its getting that time to book your holiday summer holiday. Malia is one of Europe’s top destinations for the club 18-30 crowd and growing in popularity each year. This is due mainly to the diverse party atmosphere on “the strip” Malia’s main beach road party zone. You […] Read more


A Wine Tour around Crete…

The island that was the epitome of Bronze Age magnificence, during which time beyond compare, Minoan Crete was a deeply refined society, where cultivated vine fruits were central to day-to-day life. Today, the wines of Crete bear witness to thousands of years of tradition. Now, just as it was back then, no dinner table on […] Read more